A fresh start: 2019

2018. Probably the worst year of my life. Sounds harsh doesn’t it. From family deaths to break ups, 2018 saw some of the hardest times I’ve had in my adult life. Along with much pain, came love. Came the acceptance of myself and realizing that I am enough. I’ve never felt more confident and secure in myself then I ever have. Ive made 2 of my best friends in the last year. And realized that good people really do exist. Here’s what my goals are for 2019!

1. Work harder at blogging!

Blogging has been one of my biggest passions in this last year. I’m finally in a place where I can work hard at it.

2. Move into a new apartment!

Love my home but it’s 45 minutes from work! Goal this year is to try to move to the city temporarily, my heart needs that!

3. graduate college!

I’m a big kid now! I’m so excited to start applying for jobs this summer! Early childhood development is my passion and becoming a preschool teacher is something I’ve worked my butt off for. A very beautiful thing when class is fun and not stressful because you love it so much!

4. Work towards starting an online boutique!

This has been a dream for many years, that my parents have stood behind since the day I first brought up the idea. Can’t wait to see where that goes for me!

5. Live life in the moment!

I’m someone who loves social media as much as anyone, but recently I’ve really had a change of heart and wanted to live as much in the moment as I can. Less phone, more memories!

2019, whatever you throw my way, I’m game!

Wishing everyone a beautiful & joy filled New Year!

– Alexa Anna Belle 💛

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