Hey loves! Recently I was able to experience the wondrous fall foliage of New Hampshire! Here’s so cool spots I was able to see on my trip!

WHERE TO STAY: The Monadnock Inn.

The Inn consists of two separate buildings, the main building, offers a restaurant and the main rooms. Our house, just down the street, called the “Currier’s house” was a full home! With separate rooms and full access to the living room and kitchen.

We had the biggest of all the rooms, Appropriately named, “The sunny Room”


I have a constant back and fourth between casual or fancy dining. This trip, we decided to go the beer and burgers route, since Keene is a college town!

Casual : Cobblestone Ale house

Honorable mentions:

Thai •

Mediterranean •


Two words, Butterbeer. Frappe. Nuf said.

WHAT TO DO : there’s a beautiful Main Street in Keene and plenty of shopping to do, I could wander the streets for hours and just watch the beautiful flowers and fallen leaves..

For those with a little more adventurous soul, theres Mt. Monadnock! (YES I HIKED A DANG MOUNTAIN) Intense workout plus the best place to see the fall foliage! Locals even said, on a clear day, you can see the Boston skyline!

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