Review: Mally Beauty

Perfect Prep Hydrating Primer – 

well emphasis on the hydrating! Ive been through dozens of primers in my life but never have I used a product thats the perfect cross between a primer and moisturizer. Little dry time and does wonders for preserving my foundation! RATING 9/10

H3 Concealer – 

There isn’t much of a wow factor and that might be because its a boring old concealer haha. Does its job, and very well, I am someone who deals with heavy under eye circles and bouts of acne. Covered everything and blended into my skin without losing coverage! 8/10

4K Ultra HD Fantasy Foundation –

heavy, good quality packaging, with a generous sized mirror, which I Personally found very useful. Not too happy with the companies these days taking away the mirrors, so thank you Mally for that! I used the powder to set my foundation and it did alright. I blame my foundation for being on the cheaper side though, as when i used the product on its own, straight onto only primed skin, it did a lot better. So the blame is on Covergirls foundation for this one. 7/10

H3 Gel Lipstick – 

I was sent the colors “Sheerly” & “GrapeVine”. The formula is very smooth on these, my only complaint being the ware not being very long turn. These are creamy, not matte, which is prefer, and don’t dry all the way. I would love to try more colors of these, as i wore “sheerly” for a good week, seeing as it matched almost every spring outfit I had! Meanwhile “Grapevine” is more well suited for the Fall. 8/10 LOVED THEM!

H3 Color Wand – 

Im pretty sure that The concept of these is moisture, keeping the lips hydrated while also adding color. And thats great if thats what your looking for. I prefer lipsticks that dry down a little more, but i could see these being my go to for a beach day, as they come off super easy and don’t dry down. I was sent the colors, “Bold Brick” & “Fab Fig”, Fab fig being more of my summer shade and Bold brick being more of what I imagine wearing apple picking in a flannel and rider boots in the fall! 8/10

Bounce Back Blush – 

In the perfect blush shade of “rose petal pink!” Ive always had such a fun time with bouncy blushes, and not because of their intended propose! haha! not only fun to press on, but darling on the skin.With Just of illumination, it doubles as a subtle highlight just above the cheek bones, and doesn’t feel streaky on the face as a lot of soft blushes do. 8/10

Shadow Stick Extra – I received the shades “Marina” and “Autumn Shimmer”, Autumn shimmer, is my new favorite nude, pink, shade! Glides easily onto the eyes and very blendable. “Marina” being a deep blue, my only problem is not knowing where or when i could wear something that bold! but a very fun tool to play around with! 7/10

Overall Thoughts – Ive been watching Mally sell products on QVC for years. Ive always felt her products where unique but my issue always had been how to make the jump from drug store to high end makeup. This is the perfect company to dip your toes into the high end world, with all the quality and a limited sticker shock. I appreciate the color diversity and practablitly of the Mally Beauty lines. Marvelous!

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