Universal Studios 2017

Hey Loves!

As you all know (from the countless instagrams maybe Alexa?) that Trevor & I went to universal a few weeks go! Ive been a little busy with the business so thats why this post is only going up today. But this is what happened!

We went to Universal the day after we went to Disney, so as you can imagine, we where absolutely exhausted from the day before. I don’t even want to get into the drama with our hotel in Orlando. If any of you are planning on going there, I highly advise against going to the Grande Floridian, Trust me just don’t.

We woke up early and took an uber from our hotel to Universal. The entry way to the park is quite a walk but luckily, unlike Disney, its city walk. It has restaurants, shops, and the Universal globe! Once in, we where one of the few who got there right at opening, which was a nice surprise because for the first two hours we where there, we jumped through all the lines and waked onto most of them! Heres the pics from our day! Enjoy!



Ahh! My favorite part of Universal! Krustys ride was the first one we went on and let me say, all of the simulated rides where such a change up from the old fashioned outdoor track roller coaster!



I can’t lie, I’m not a Harry Potter fan at all, nor have I seen ANY of the movies, but knowing Trevor was a big fan, we had an amazing time. From castles to wands, to the all obsessive butter beer,(it tastes like butterscotch and cream soda with vanilla ice cream on top)  it was worth it for that alone!



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