The Top Lifestyle Bloggers you need to know about.. PRONTO. 

In the blogging world there are literally hundreds of Thousands to choose from. These are the girls who lost influence me and my posts! The best of the best, in my opinion!

5. Aspyn Ovard

Aspyn is a lifestyle blogger from Utah who posts about her travels around the world and her fashion choices. Though most of her posting is done through YouTube, in the form of daily vlogs with her husband, Parker, her blog posts leave me daydreaming of travel! Aspyn Ovard’s blog

4. Fashion Mumblr

Josie! I recently stumbled across her Instagram account through’s Instagram. Bubbly and charming, this British babe does everything from makeup tutorials to daily vlogs! Josie’s Blog

3. Steffysprosandcons

Steff is my favorite mommy blogger! She has a boho vintage vibe that she takes to the street of New York when photographing her daily outfits. Also bringing her son into her posts, which is immediate goals overload. Stef’s Blog

2. Cmcoving

A true southern Belle! Caitlin is another outfit of the day blogger who has a sweet, girly vibe, with a high end touch. She is also recently engaged so that means wedding planning posts to come! Don’t even get me started about that hair! *Heart Eye emoji* ! Caitlin’s Blog

1. Shalice Noel

Straight up beautiful. This Portuguese Mama shows what it means to be a strong working woman. Her posts generally consist of her street wear outfits and her kids. Ah asperations.. Shalices Blog

Honorable mention – Acacia Brinley Clark

Although Acacia doesn’t have a physical blog website (yet! She said she’s working on it) she frequents hourly updates on twitter and Instagram aswell as doing videos on her popular YouTube channel. I would’ve stuck her in my top three had she had a blog, as I have her tweeter and YouTube notifications on. Acacia regularly updates her followers on her daily fashion, meals, and makeup products! Acacia Is also a first time mom!

YouTube – AcaciaCutie

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