Walt Disney World + Dole whips


Hey Guys!

Me and Trevor just went on our first real vacation together! We’ve been on many weekend trips, like to Maine, and Massachusetts, but this was our first, get on a plane, spend a week away trip! We Ended up going to Disney Worlds Magic Kingdom for my birthday on April 12. I haven’t been to Disney since 2010, and Trevor hasn’t been back since 1997! Needless to say, it was as nostalgic as you could imagine, getting to relive childhood memories, notice all the things my young self missed, like the details on the buildings and amount of dedication that workers put in. Probably one of my best birthday to date!

Tom Sawyers Island! This was both T & my favorite attraction. You take a raft over to a private island in the middle of frontier land. Upon arrival you simply explore by shooting fake guns at river passers, hike through abandoned mines, and explore the tree houses and forts Tom made. A perfect spot for the parents to rest and gaze at the rest of the park while the kids play. Just be aware, they had signs EVERYWHERE to be aware of snakes and alligators on the island so that wasn’t very calming haha.






Dole Whips!

AT LONG LAST! AT LONG LAST! For years I’ve been hearing bloggers and Youtubers boasting about the pineapple goodness that is a Dole Whip! trevor and I both tried it and loved it. Just pineapple ice cream with pineapple juice but so refreshing!







In conclusion, All the drama it took to plan this trip, from saving to figuring out where we where going to eat every night, it was the trip of a lifetime. 🙂

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