Portland, Maine winter adventures.

Hey guys! This past weekend, Trevor and I went on a long drive up to Portland Maine from Connecticut! originally Trevor was looking at tickets for Panic! at the disco at a local arena, but we decided instead of spending a crazy amount of money on just the tickets to that particular arena, we choose to go on a weekend trip to Maine, and attend the concert there instead. Here’s just some of the antics we got into!


Allagash brewery was perfectly located in the outskirts of Portland. You walk in and the hostess escorts you to your tasting table. Since they are not legally allowed to sell you the beer without a permit, The beer is FREE. They ring a bell and then you enter to door leading to the tour. They walk you through the entire processing of making, packaging, and delivering  the beer. All in all the tour takes about an hour. Fun idea for a bachelorette party stop, or a few hour getaway for mom and dad on the family vacay! 8 out of 10!

photo (1).jpegphoto-2


2. Portland Museum of Art

This was truly a once in a lifetime experience. From Picasso to Gaugin, it was beautiful. Be sure to bring your student Id for a discount! Only $15 a person! The only major downside I saw from the museum was that in some parts there was no photography allowed and that i wore heeled boots so my feet ended up killing me. Has a very romantic tone to it and was a memorable date spot! I give it a 9 out of 10!


Finally we got the pleasure to go see Panic! at the disco at cross insurance arena. Now I wasn’t sure if I was going to include this mini rant but since I had to wait in the freezing cold, I thought I would share this warning. The security at this arena is HORRIBLE. We specifically ate dinner at the bar directly across the street from the arena so we’d be on time for the show. We ended up finished dinner a half hour before the show started and the line was stretched all down the street, mind you the temperature was in the lower twenties. They had four lines of a solo security guard checking people one by one. It was the most ridiculous system id ever seen, would highly recommend for the arena to invest in walk through metal detector just so it wouldn’t take an hour to get through security. All in all the show itself was one of the best id ever seen in my life, and the booze and food in the arena was respectively cheap. A beer went for about $6! THAT’S CRAZY! and leaving went quickly. The best part of the trip was getting to spend 4 hours with just me and Trevor. Getting to discuss heavy topics and sing along to top 40 hits, and seeing which random places we where gonna stop at to use the bathroom! All in all it was a memorable and jam-packed weekend trip. Would highly suggest visiting Maine in the winter months! 10 OUT OF 10!!!

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